Agency Banking

Agency Banking services

Agency Banking services for licensed payment institutions to allow indirect EUR & GBP scheme access using their own Sort Codes/BIC Codes through the LHV Banking Services platform.

Full-fledged banking experience

Agency Banking enables our customers to provide a more full-fledged banking experience to their end-customers by being able to issue bank account numbers with their unique Sort Code’s/BIC Code’s. This means the Payment Service provider (PSP) can access their relevant payment schemes through our Indirect Scheme Access model.

Payment systems

LHV’s Indirect Scheme Access service offers access to various payment systems:

  • FPS (UK real-time 24/7 GBP scheme),
  • SCT Inst (EU real-time 24/7 EUR scheme) and the
  • SCT/STEP2 (EU EUR credit transfer scheme).

We look to add further payment schemes in the near future.

Indirect Scheme Access

Indirect Scheme Access in LHV means that

  • LHV provides the Payment Service Provider with both technical connection to payment systems and liquidity.
  • All payments are submitted and received by LHV on behalf of the PSP and covered by LHV’s financial position in the respective scheme.
Benefits of using Agency Banking
  • Benefits of using Agency Banking Include providing a completely white-label experience as LHV becomes invisible to the customers of the PSP.
  • Account numbers are owned and generated by our client which gives complete independence from LHV and makes them fully migratable if necessary.
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