Who we are?

LHV is an Estonian financial group providing customers with banking services and pension funds. We consider ourselves as an innovative link between FinTech companies and banking infrastructure, and as an excellent example of open banking. For years we’ve been helping payment service providers and now we’re following them to London – the financial centre of Europe. We are here London and we’re open for business.

Brief history of LHV

LHV was founded in 1999, by Rain Lõhmus and Andres Viisemann. We have almost 300 people working for us. Our offices are located in Tallinn and Tartu. More than 100,000 clients are using our banking services. LHV’s leading pension funds have more than 170,000 clients. We are more innovative than the other banks and we have the strongest investment and entrepreneurship experience.

  • On 9 February, LHV was founded as an investment union. Brokerage operations and portfolio management were started.
    LHV Varahaldus was founded.
    LHV Financial Portal was created.

  • Pension fund management was started.

  • LHV Group was founded.

  • On 6 May, a banking license was obtained and the business name LHV Bank adopted.
    The bank began offering deposits and business loans.

  • The bank began offering settlement services.

  • The bank began issuing bank cards.

  • LHV Finance was founded to offer hire-purchase.
    A holding in Mokilizingas was acquired.

  • The bank began offering card payment acceptance service.

  • Network of LHV ATMs was opened.
    LHV Group became a publicly traded company.

  • The shares of LHV group were listed on the Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange.

  • LHV UK Branch opening.

  • LHV joins UK domestic payment scheme and becomes Faster Payments participant

The team